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Montoya Industries is pleased to offer a bot development service for clients both large and small. Build a chatbot to promote your brand, connect with customers or even just for fun. Whatever your need, whatever platform you want to be on, let me make it happen. Get in touch

My Products

Must-have bots, apps and websites from Montoya Industries.


A chatbot that converts any message into emoji.

GIF Jockey

Play your GIFs like a DJ, on web and desktop. Coming soon to mobile!

The Museum of Videogame Ads

A curated collection of print ads from the golden age of videogames.

No More Kings

A new kind of puzzle game.

Beat This!

The metronome on steroids.

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Privacy Policy

Montoya Industries does not collect any personally identifiable data except in cases where it is provided by users (for example, when signing up for the newsletter). This information is shared with our email provider, Mailchimp. No personally identifiable information is stored by Montoya Industries apps. Device information, such as device ID and OS, is shared with our push notification provider, Parse, when electing to receive push notifications.